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Cranes flying at sunset amonst the coulds
Cranes flying at sunset

The production process usually takes place in three phases: Pre-production, production and post-production. In other words, what happens before the shoot, the shoot and after the shoot. ☺

Pre-production consists of at least one meeting or phone conversation to discuss the advertising needs and key message of your business. Other examples of pre-production activities are scripting, location scouting, talent selection and acquisition of props. Any preplanning activities that need to happen before the shoot can take place are pre-production.

Production is simply the shooting of video or film (but most likely video). This may take place on location at your business or off-site at a predetermined location like a studio. In some cases, a shoot is not necessary. The production follows the script, so that must be agreed upon and approved before the shoot can take place.

Post-production, just like it sounds, takes place after the shoot and is the phase where your video project is edited together. Music selection, voice track production, still and motion graphics creation also take place during this phase.